1.You will get the unlimited blessings of Lord Krishna.
2.Name inscription in the temple.
3.Your family will get the opportunity to participate in the Pratistha yagya.
4.108 Plates of free food will be distributed to poor children on your birthday every year.
5.Eighteen volume set of Srimad Bhagavatam will be gifted to you.
6.Life long invitation to major festivals held at ISKCON, Visakhapatnam every year.
7.Free Puja & Prasadam for your family one day in a year permanently.
8.International Life Membership.
9.Income Tax Exemption (50% under section 80G)

                  DONATE ₹ 10,11,111/-

Bank                             HDFC Bank
Account Number 50100234615914
IFSC                             HDFC0009229
Branch                        Beach Road


Donation for MANDIR NIRMAN PARIVAR SEVA,  your DonationId: iknvcumid850057

₹ 10,11,111/-

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